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Hanging or freezing smartphone ? here are the solutions.

Sometimes we find our precious smartphones which is mostly our favorite companion hanging or freezing intermittently . The frustration it brings can be real devastating.



You may be at the climax of a serious chat on whatsapp or one of your installed social apps and boom everything stops moving. The touch pad stops responding totally and messages stops popping in completely. You will also notice that in some cases, the back light refuses to dim or go off during the entire period.


I have seen some impatient persons throw their phones on the ground as a result of this torment.



Truly, I have also in the past been tempted a few times to smash my phone when it hangs. That was before I discovered what was causing the problem.


So i am going to tell you the things to look at when you notice that your phone have slowed down. this article is divided into causes and solutions sections.

Causes of phone freezing or hanging.


1. Insufficient  RAM :


The RAM tops the list because almost all of the other causes of phone freezing or hanging and slowing down still ends up with RAM issues.

RAM (random access memory) is a memory where your smartphone stores files temporary during data processing. This mean that when you are running an application for example, the needed files of that application originally stored at the permanent storage which may be the internal memory or a memory card,  is copied to the RAM for easy and fast access by the Processor. They are removed from the RAM when they are no longer needed, usually when the user closes the application .

The above long explanation was meant to help you understand what actually goes on behind the scenes and the importance of the RAM.

now, when the installed capacity of the RAM which helps in fast processing is too low, the phone will inevitably be prone to frequent slowing down and ultimately hanging periodically.

for example, a smartphone shipped with a RAM capacity of 512 megabytes will hang intermittently when multiple apps are installed and more than one application is run simultaneously. you are more likely to get the “Android not responding” messages frequently.

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2. Viruses :

Viruses are dangerous programs ( applications ) developed by mischievous programmers. some virus are intended to cause damage, some are designed to harvest information secretly from the user, while some are simply meant to disrupt the proper functioning of the smartphone.

These viruses operate in the background, therefore their activities are hidden from the user.depending on the nature of the virus and its purpose, the RAM of the smartphone is constantly overloaded. This constant overloading is as a result the virus code constantly running in background looking for weak points and windows through which it can penetrate every part, processes and activities of the smartphone.

Some viruses are explicitly designed to slow down your phone and freeze your smartphone.

3. Antiviruses :

Yeah, i know you are now wondering why i included antiviruses. but i am sorry to break it to you that your glorified antivirus might be the mouse in the room. i have personally proven it to be a solution to several persons from time to time.

There are some good antiviruses out there, but trust me ,Majority are just garbage. The developers promote them as ultimate protection and remedy for your smartphone against viruses while in truth they are simply adwares that will frequently deliver multiple unwanted and unsolicited ads and download links to your phone. most of these ads are highly intrusive and annoying.

They most times never identify or remove any real virus from your phone. they most times demand in app purchases, subscriptions and upgrades with the promise of unlocking more useful functionalities.

These fake Antiviruses consume an outrageous percentage of your RAM while running its background process that downloads and delivers the ads and update notifications to you.

Some antivirus developers have good intentions to make antiviruses that monitors every process and activity initiated on your phone in order to block malicious ones when detected. but due to perhaps poor coding, these antiviruses ends up interrupting ,blocking even killing safe and useful processes and activities. this causes serious lagging and freezing of the phone and triggers android not responding message after hanging for several seconds or minutes.

4. Having Multiple RAM consuming applications :

Most time we install dozens upon dozens of apps in our smartphones. These days sharing files between phones and access to app stores are simple and cheap, mostly free. This have made people to install apps indiscriminately without considering the memory and processor specifications of their device.



social apps for example, constantly run background processes. They check for and deliver message notifications to you if any. these processes are always initializing network connections and downloading needed information.


They also upload your data frequently, necessary to update your online status and other important information.


When you have many of these apps running concurrently, they compete for your phones memory and network will get to a point where their memory and processor demand exceeds your phone capacity. The phone may slow down, freeze or crash.

5. Running Multiple RAM consuming applications simultaneously :


Smartphones are designed to multitask, therefore it is highly unlikely for you not to switch from one application to the other interchangeably.



It is a normal operation done by almost, if not everyone using a smartphone .where it becomes an issue is when you run RAM intensive apps. There are applications that are needfully large in size. Applications like Games, social applications like Facebook etc are usually large when installed and their size continues to increase as you use them.


for example, Switching from a HD game to another without closing the first one may overwhelm the smartphone’s ram and cause the phone to freeze or slow down in speed.


6. Low internal memory and External memory ;


When the available internal memory is very low, it will negatively affect the performance of your smartphone. the speed will most likely reduce drastically and worse the phone will freeze intermittently.


Solutions To Phone Hanging and Freezing


1.  If the hanging is persistent, you need to restart the phone.

two ways to restart your phone;


a. if the battery is removable, simply open the back cover and remove battery from the phone. reinsert the battery and power on the phone.


b. if the phone’s battery is inbuilt, restart the phone easily by long                pressing  the power key for about 5 seconds. Note; it may take a little longer in some       smartphones.


Restarting a smartphone most times solves hanging issues. when your restart your phone the memory is refreshed and caches are cleared.


2. when the phone is fully restarted and the issue reoccurs, check your smartphones RAM capacity in order to know if the problem is as a result of your smartphone having a small RAM size by default.

if so then;


a. uninstall some apps you don’t frequently use .


b. you will need to run less applications at the same time. always exit apps properly before opening another.


3. If you are convinced that your phone’s RAM is considerably sufficient and therefore isn’t the problem, then;


a.  The first step is to uninstall any recently installed app or apps as the case may be. One of the apps might be causing the problem.      Monitor the phone’s performance as you uninstall the apps one by one. This will help you to identify the exact app that is causing the freezing.


b. If step (a) doesn’t work,   check if there is an antivirus application on your smartphone and uninstall it too.


when you have taken the above step, operate the phone for some period and observe the performance. with my personal experience in most cases, this solves the problem like magic.


4. The case with your phone may be partially or entirely different.


so if the problem continued after you have uninstalled some apps and  antivirus,


The next step is to find memory management apps like clean master on an appstore and install it. such app will help you scan your phone for junk  and cached files that are no longer needed and purge them from the smartphone’s memory. some recent smartphones ships with pre-installed tools that does similar job.


5. you can also go to your phones settings and activate the “restrict background data” to minimize background processes.


6. Change your installation location to “External storage” . follow this steps to do that; settings> Storage> preferred installation location> External storage.


7. the ultimate step to take when all other options are exhausted is to do a factory reset of the phone.


Caution: this will permanently erase every user file on your smartphone. these files include your pictures, music, videos,games, applications, contacts, messages, call logs,notes and every other file that is not default file.


Therefore it is very important to backup your files to either google drive or external storage before doing a factory reset.


However, if convenient for you, you can simply skip all the previous steps and do a factory reset. this is the most effective because it restores the phone to it default factory state. only the files from the manufacturer of the smartphone are left behind leaving your phone fresh and fast like a new phone.


8. If for any reason the above solutions did not work out for you. visit a trusted technician to help you out, the phone may need a firmware replacement otherwise known as flashing. This can only be done by a professional therefore it is not safe for you to attempt to do it by yourself. you may damage the phone totally if you don’t do it properly.



I hope we were able to help solve your problem. we will continue to update the post to include more solutions as we find them.


we will be delighted to get a feedback from you.. share your thoughts, suggestions and questions via the comment section below the post. share the tips to your friends.


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