How to detect a scam and identify a scammer

The world economy and population is growing everyday and so is crime and all forms of fraud.

Everyday people are defrauded of their hard earned money both in the physical  society and on the internet.

The risk is even higher on the internet. Even people who wouldn’t dare venture into crime in real life hide behind their keyboard to scam their unsuspecting victims.

Now the question is how can you know real people from scammers and how can you know real online opportunities from traps set by internet fraudsters.

Verify all online offers and opportunities with a Google search: if the offer is coming from a website, type the URL of the website into Google and ask if it is a scam site. you are likely to come across useful reviews and answers related to your query.

2. Ask some of your online friends :

you can reach out to some of your friends that also use the internet to know if they have come across the offer themselves and what they know about it.

3. Check on social media :

social media is presently the strongest tool for information dissemination, you can search for posts and comments related to the offer on twitter, facebook or other social networks you are using.

4. Find out more about the person by requesting for more and beyond usual information  :

Before you make a huge business commitment to a total stranger, make a very thorough investigation about the genuineness of the person.
Ask for all manners of identifications possible until you are comfortable and very sure that the individual is real and can be traced to a physical address.
Refrain from giving out your bank details or credit card details to unknown and unverified third parties. it is safer to make payments with popular and well known online payment platforms like paypal, payoneer and others.
Some criminal websites will steal your credit card information once you make a payment on their site.they will use it to withdraw from your bank account when the feel like it.

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