New apple iPhone 13: Everything you need to know

Great news for apple iPhone lovers; apple inc is set to release a new range of iphones. iPhone 13 will be announced in a few months time according to reliable sources.

Trendforce, a research firm known for their reliability states that Apple’s plans for the iPhone 13 range are not as radical as many leaks had led us to believe.

Since after the release of iPhone 12 range, there have been speculations and claims that Apple will double iPhone 13 Pro storage to 1terabytes.

Apple fans will be disappointed since TrendForce revealed that storage capacities will remain at 128/256/512GB for Pro models and 64/128/256GB for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

Another recent and interesting report stated that Apple is bringing LiDAR to all iPhone 13 models but this report was also debunked by TrendForce stating that it will again be exclusive to Pro models.

TrendForce also revealed that the new range is always unlikely to be called ‘iPhone 13’ due to stigma around the number 13. The researcher claims the line will be called iPhone 12S and this makes sense given the downgrades the report reveals.

According to Forbes, “It may also give Apple licence to jump straight to iPhone 14 or an entirely new branding structure with more radical upgrades planned next year”. 

Other positive revelations made by TrendForce shows that

  • Apple will reduce the size of the notch on all new iPhone models,
  • introduce 120Hz ProMotion displays for Pro models and
  • bring sensor shift image stabilization (previously exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro Max) to all 2021 iPhones.
  • The iPhone Mini also survives for another year, despite disappointing sales, while prices will be unchanged. 

iPhone 13 release date

TrendForce claims Apple has overcome the global chip shortage and the ongoing impact of the pandemic, enabling it to announce the new iPhones in September. This tracks with reports that their development is “ahead of schedule” after the delayed launch of the iPhone 12 range in 2020. 

As an apple fan, we hope you’ve started saving money for the new iPhone.

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