Legit, Get 2.5gb with 500,3.6gb with 1k and more on GLO Yakata.

Hurray, i know you are very excited about this good news. Yes, i am also very excited sharing it with you. We now spend more on data than we spend on calls, this is obviously because most people now use the internet for normal everyday communication than they use phone calls coupled with other uses like entertainment, research and others.

now to the business of the day;

Globacom Nigeria, the self acclaimed ” Grand-masters of data” have recently rolled out a great and affordable tariff plan titled Glo YAKATA. and the tip we are about to give you depends on this plan, so this is not a cheat or some for of VPN tweaking like the one we previously posted where you browse for free on MTN. It is a legit plan provided by Glo for her customers.


How to opt In

It is very simple to opt in. All you need to do is to purchase a new Glo sim card to enjoy the full benefits by default. This implies that you do not need to subscribe or migrate to any plan because Glo YAKATA is the default for all new Glo Sim cards.

Existing subscribers has nothing to worry about because the plan and the benefits is also available to them. All you need to do is to migrate to the plan to join the party.

How it Works

Old subscribers simply needs to dial *220# to migrate to Glo Yakata Tariff Plan.

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For new subscribers, that is if you purchased a new sim card. the plan is already on your Sim as i mentioned earlier, therefore all you need to do to start enjoying the bogus data and bonuses is to recharge and subscribe to the data plan of your choice. Every new Glo sim is referred to as Oga sim, each Oga Sim gets a 125% bonus on any subscription.

Breakdown of the Benefits:

For clear illustration i will use #500 recharge as example.

When you recharge #500 you will get a bonus of whooping 600MB and #1750 to call all networks in Nigeria. to see the balance dial *220*1#

Now, dial *777# to see the list of Glo Data plans. Locate the #500 plan and select.

You will receive 1.8GB on Oga Sim since it gets 125% of any subscribed plan.add the first 600MB and it total 2.4GB.

To check your data balance on GLO dial *127*0#.

here is a full table



yow may visit Globacom Nigeria official website for more details of the offer.




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