Emiliano sala

Emiliano Sala’s missing plane wreckage finally found Underwater(photos)

Emiliano Sala’s missing plane was found on Sunday February 3 .

The Aircracft disappeared with the footballer and pilot David Ibbotson on January 21, while flying from Nantes to Cardiff .

The discovery was made with the aid hi-tech sonar equipment-with passengers on board assumed dead.

The reports from Sky Sports News reveals that the 28 year old strikers’s family have been informed of the recent development.

According to reports from multiple news outlets, Both Emiliano Sala and his British Pilot who were the only persons aboard the aircraft and missing from the wreckage and both presumed dead.

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David Mearns  is the marine specialist in charge of the private search.

see some of his tweets:


Recall than ifeknows.com earlier reported that some parts of the missing plane was discovered on a french beach.

The shock of his disappearance is still sweeping across the football world.

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