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Everything needed to register and to enter Nysc camp this 2019

NYSC, an acronym for national youth service corps is a national body responsible for one year youth service of eligible graduates of Nigerian Nationality.
I assume that you are a Prospective Corp member, PCM looking for accurate information and guide during registration and before reporting to camp.
Search no further because we have provided every detail of information you need about the requirements for NYSC registration and reporting to camp in this article.
The information provided here is based on first hand experience and not hearsay.


  1. List of Compulsory documents  needed to take to NYSC CAMP 2018
  2. List Of Necessary things or items needed for NYSC camp in 2019 

For easy comprehension,this guide is broadly divided into two sections

#1 Nysc Registeration Requirements

1. Registration :

Eligible graduates register online after being mobilized by their graduation institution.
Once you check and see your name on the Senate list provided to NYSC  by your institution.
To register, you need
a. A clear passport photograph.
b. A visa or Master ATM card for online payment. Alternatively, you can pay cash through the bank using a remita invoice. The amount is #3760 in 2018.
c. Login to the NYSC portal and register.
d.In most cases you will inevitably need the services of business centers for capturing and upload of your finger prints, signature and passport photograph.if you like they can handle the entire registration process for you at a price.

2. Call up number :


A call up number document will be generated for you after registration. you print your call up number online through the NYSC portal. Using the email and password you used during registration.

3. Awaiting call up letter:


By now you’ve printed your call up number, the next printing to do in near future is printing of call-up letter.

During this period of wait,  it is wise for you to start making some preliminary preparations for entering NYSC orientation camp, use this period to gather the things needed to take to NYSC camp.

5. call up letter :


Once the day for printing of call-up letter arrives, go and print yours so as to see the state you have being posted to.

#2 NYSC Camp Requirements


Things provided to you for free on NYSC camp.

if you are not interested in this information, you may skip to List Of Necessary things or items you need to bring while packing for NYSC camp.
Everything given to you on NYSC camp are free of charge. The following are the things you will be given on NYSC camp.

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1. A bunk bed and mattress:

you will be shown a hall where you choose a bed and mattress for use throughout your stay on camp.


2. Food:

NYSC provides your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire three weeks on orientation camp. That is 3 times a day for 21 days.you will be issued a meal ticket for that purpose. Alternatively you can buy your choice of food from the camp market popularly called Mami if you have enough cash.



the official models of the kits you must wear during camp and when required during the rest of your service year will be provided for free the day you report to camp.


these comprises;


a. Khaki trouser and jacket.

b. An NYSC crested vest.

c. A pair of Jungle Boots.

d. A pair of white loafers .

e. 2 white shorts.

f. 2 plain white round neck vests.

g. NYSC crested cap.

e.  2 pairs of white stockings.

4. A few NYSC related booklets. :

there are a some booklets that will be handed to you by your platoon officer. The NUSC bye laws and others contain everything you need to know concerning the scheme. Including all the important phone numbers you may need to contact at any point in time.

5. Medical services:

there is a camp clinic that handles health related matters on camp. Medically unfit candidates are not allowed to stay on camp.

other entitlements entitlements to receive before the end of your camping:

7. NYSC ID card:

this is the ID card that contains all your details and is valid until the end of your service year. You will return it to NYSC on the day you collect you discharge certificate.
8. Allowances :
you will receive 3 different allowances on camp.
They are:

a. Bicycle allowance (#1400 in 2018):

originally meant for your local transport fees.

b. Transport allowance (#1800 in 2018):

intended to cover your transport cost to camp from your home.

c. First monthly allowance (#19,800 in 2018):

you will receive your first monthly allowance cash on camp. Subsequent allowances will be paid directly into the fresh salary account you will open with a commercial bank whileon camp.
9. Posting letter :
on the day you will leave camp, you will be given a posting letter. It contains your Place of primary assignment, PPA. that is where you will serve for the remaining month if you are accepted. If not you will be posted to another PPA.
Nysc corps members at orientation camp parade ground

List of Compulsory documents  needed to take to NYSC CAMP 2018


  1. Call-up letter:

  2. Call-up number.

  3. Your school ID card.

  4. Result statement.

  5. Medical fitness certificate.

you must bring the original copy of the above documents and at least 3 photocopies for your convenience.
photocopy can be done on camp market but it is cheaper and more convenient to do it earlier on.

6. Passport photographs.:

you will need at least 6 passport photographs. Some camp officials usually arrange for special photographers for their platoons and makes it compulsory to patronize them. therefore you should not waste your money on much passport photographs before camp since you will still get them at most times the same price on NYSC camp.

List Of Necessary things or items needed for NYSC camp in 2019

Opiods (hard drugs) and sharp objects are not allowed. 


you are entitled to a bed and mattress and you bring the rest which are;
a. Bedspread.
b. Pillow.
c. Pillow case.

2. Extra kits:

to complement the ones you will be given for free on camp.the two sets you will be given can not be enough because you are required to be properly kitted at all times. Some may not match you or meet your taste therefore you need to be prepared.
a. 3 Plain white round neck vests .
b. 2 white shorts .
c. Plain White loafers, preferably rubber made.
d. 3 pairs of white stockings.

3.Toiletries :

convenience items are very essential so you definitely need to include the following items while packing for camp.
a. Tissues.
b. Toothbrush.
c. Toothpaste.
e. Toilet soap.
f. Sponge.
g. Disinfectant.
h. Detergents.
I. Bleach.
J.  Towel.
K. Cotton buds
L. Shaving stick.
m. Shampoo

4. Cash:

you need some money to be used for buy stuffs like recharge card, drinking water, snacks and beverages, food etc.you need cash to purchase some important things you forgot to bring.  The money you have will sustain you till you get your allowances.

5. Eating kit:

 these are;
a.  Food flask
b. Spoon c. Cup.
d. Water bottle .

6. casual and cultural wear:

you may include one or two casual wears for going to church or mosque as the case may be. They can also be used as night wears or you can pack a few more. But be careful in order not to overblow your luggage. It is just for 3 weeks .You can also pack a cultural attire for camp cultural day celebration.

7. Bathroom slippers:

this will be used for going to the bathroom and toilet. It will also be needed for moving around inside the hostel.

8. Phone and accessories:

a functional phone is vital, so that you can communicate with people on camp and outside the camp when necessary. Some accessories you need as well are;
a. Power bank: unless you have enough money to spend on charging at camp market you need this item.
b.  Charger.
c. Earphones: this is optional but will surely add fun to your stay on camp.you can quietly listen to music on your phone or listen to radio during free periods.

9. Beauty products :

females should not forget their make up items unless for those that doesn’t use make up. But essentially you may need
a. Body cream
b. Comb and hair brush.
c. Perfume and body spray.

10. Waist bag:

this is one of the must haves if you care about the security of your valuables. It is normally used to hold your cash, mobile phones, ID cards and other items of value that can fit into the limited space. It is also sold at the camp market at sometimes higher than normal price.

11. Torch :

you will need this each night.

12. Padlocks:

used padlocks on your bags to prevent unwanted entry. There is always a thief in the crowd so you should not make it easier for them. Protect your belongings.

13. Provisions :

Milk,  Garry, corn flakes, tea ,biscuits and other provisions are necessary to complement the food rationed to you on NYSC camp. Buy as much as you can afford and can carry.

14. Large Envelope :

uses this to store your documents. It is safer and more convenient to have them neatly placed in one container.

15. Bucket:

Also sold at camp market, you need one or two for bathing, toilet and laundry.

16. Mosquito net:

mosquito nets are essential to protect you from mosquito bites which can cause malaria. It can double as a form of tent on your bed in some cases, thereby improve your privacy by a few percentage .

17. Under wears:

for comfort and hygiene sake, bring enough of them.

18. stationaries:

pen, correction fluid, jotters,  stapler if you have one.

19. A smartphone :

I included this as an additional item to bring if you have one or can afford one. Smartphones usually have good camera for capturing the memories as they happens. Pictures are all you are left with after the 3 week period.  They also can play music,games and browse the internet which can come in handy to cure boredom.

19. Other items:

you may bring a diary,  novels, magazines and other books for you to read during free time.
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