What you must do when Water enters your Smartphone

Water and your smartphone are one of the very good examples of worst enemies. Except for some high end phones that are designed to be water resistant.

The effect of water penetration on phones sometimes can be mild, critical or worse destructive. Yes,  it has happened to me before and my phone refused to power on for the whole day, it was so critical that I had to replace my LCD Display and Touchpad before the phone became useful again.

Now, let’s go over the first safety measures you need to deploy immediately your phone comes in contact with any form of moisture.

First things you must do when water enters your phone.

1. Remove the battery if it is removable.

But,  If the battery is inbuilt, switch off the phone immediately.

The above measures will ensure that the water which may have gotten to the panel of the phone does not damage the electronic components that makes the phone functional.

2. Use a dry cloth or tissue paper to wipe any trace of water on the phone case and in the battery compartment.

The above measure will reduce the risk of futher moisture entry and spreading to the entire components of the smartphone.

3. If you have a tool set of screwdrivers and you are very sure that you can Disassemble the smartphone in question without causing any damage, go ahead and unscrew the bolts and open the phone.

4. When you must have carefully removed the back case, dry the panel underneath direct sunlight .

Caution ! :

Over heating the phone may result in some unfavorable outcomes. therefore you need to closely monitor the process. Withdraw the phone from sunlight once the water evaporates and assemble it.

But if you are not comfortable with taking your gadget apart, try this;

Follow the same process explained in number 2. Then dry the phone face down under sunlight. Monitor it closely to prevent excessive heat from damaging your display. Don’t allow it to become too hot.

5. Above all the aforementioned tips, the safest way of ensuring that the water does not damage you phone is to take the smartphone to a professional technician.

It is left for the technician to use the appropriate tools and remove all traces of water from the phone promptly to mitigate any risk of damage.

6. The mother of all solutions is prevention.

A.  Keep your phone at a safe distance while handling liquid substances.

B.  Avoid dropping your phone carelessly where water or other forms of liquid substances spill on it.

C.  Use a waterproof bag to enclose your phone kf you must move under rainfall.

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