How to hide videos and pictures from your gallery without using an app

For some reasons you may want some of your personal media files like videos and pictures not to be displayed on your gallery. There are numerous applications available on app stores that handles that with ease while some phone come with built-in tools for such task.
However the intruder may know that you have these applications and persuade you to give them  access to them. Therefore you need a way to hide your files so that even a phone geek cannot decipher it.
Follow these simple steps :
1. I want to hide the photo of that young man on orange vest. The image is in download folder.
Screenshot 1
find out the name of the image and go to your file manager and locate the folder where the file is saved.
For this illustration, my folder of interest is downloads
Locate the file with the name you saw in your gallery and long press on it
From the options available select rename.
Screenshot 2.

Either change the entire text or remove the file extension(.jpg, .png,. 3gp, .mp4,  .mpeg4) depending on the type of file.

Screenshot 3

Warning will pop up that removing the extension will render the file corrupted or useless or unreadable, just click OK or continue.

Screenshot 4
Please ensure that you memorize the new name in a situation where you would replace the entire text so that you can easily recover the file by repeating the process and adding back the correct file extension.
Here the image is gone from my gallery.
Screenshot 5
I can easily recover the image with the same process and adding the correct file extension I removed back to the file with a name of my choice.
It might seem a long process but sometimes it is really worth it.

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