How to get 1.5gb of data with ₦300 on MTN.(latest)

This is a great news during a time like this, at least for some of us who feels the pain of exhausting our “monthly” subscription even before a week runs out.

My worst experience was one very good day I bought the normal 1 month-1.5gb for ₦1200. Immediately I received the confirmation text, the usual temptation that comes with fresh subscription overpowered me, unfortunately.

Just like that I found my self gallivanting all over Instagram and watching all the videos I see, I even checked out the entire insta stories as they popped up, Something I hardly do o.

Long story short, instablog posted a new video and I excitedly rushed to view and feed my eyes as usual. At first I thought it was a network issue because the video continued to load till eternity, I casually switched my data off and on at intervals.

It got to the point where I closed the Instagram app and reopened it more that six times. All because I was convinced that I am well loaded with abundant monthly subscription data.

What broke my heart the most was that MTN just kept quiet all through the episode, No single data usage warning or the normal data balance they used to send periodically.

Everything was gone when I reluctantly decided to check my balance. Reluctant because I was still confident that it cannot be a data issue.

So my hard earned ₦1200 gone just like that 😔. I totally lost my appetite for the rest of that day.

Coronavirus lock down thought me that data is never enough, no matter the volume. So I had to look for ways to get a high volume of data for a lower cost.

MTN came to the rescue. This is not even a cheat, I later discovered that it actually has been in existence for some time even before the lockdown.

What is the Validity Period ?

The data validity period is 7 days.

While some may argue that 7 days is short, let’s bear it in mind that you will have the freedom to enjoy your favorite apps and sites for a whole week (If you no dey burn data like myself) at the cost of just ₦300.

How to subscribe for MTN cheap data

  1. Dial 131
  2. Select MTN4ME
  3. it is usually the 9th option on most phones, so reply9” or the correct digit as the case may be.
  4. A new menu will pop up with 3 options.
  5. Select the first option; Top MTN deal 4 me.
  6. When it opens, you will see, get 1.5gb for ₦300. Select it and proceed.
  7. You will receive confirmation text immediately you have successfully subscribed .
  8. You may check your balance by sending 2 to 131.

Note- Sometimes you may notice that the first option, MTN Top deals 4 me which is the one we are mainly interested in is conspicuously missing from the list. Sadly leaving you with only 2 options. Luckily for us, I have come to discover that it is just a little trick by MTN to test your patience and the depth of your pocket. If you close the menu and returns by at most, 2hrs time the juicy offer magically appears again.

However, if you need the data urgently and you have enough credit, there is a second option which is always present in the menu. The volume is also 1.5gb but at a little higher cost of ₦500 with same validity period of 7 days.

Now, that’s it for the moment, one day, data will be free.

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