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Cheapest Mtn data plans and how to subscribe 2019

MTN Nigeria is with out dispute a giant among other telecom operators currently operating in the country.

But when it comes to data, the competition is always a tight one.

Every operator is trying to get an edge over others. 

The competition have kept all of them on their toes and always dolling out new and cheaper offers to counter the ones released by other competitors.


And guess who is the boss here, it is we the subscribers.


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We are chilling with our smartphones watching as they tear down the prices of data subscriptions which in the past was very expensive that it was almost considered a luxury to have a monthly subscription on your phone.

Now, MTN Nigeria released their latest data bundle offers for the year 2019.

we will present all the data plans and help you chose the cheapest with respect to data allowance and the price.

Note: To select any data plan of your choice on MTN, Dial *131# on your phone.

Also Note: MTN Nigeria offers cheap social plans “GoodyBag plans” where you can access each of your favourite social apps with just;

  • 25 for  24hrs
  • 50 for 1week
  • 150 for 30days 

GoodyBag plans can easily be activated by dialing *131#.


MTN Daily and weekly Data Plans and subscription codes

Price Data Validity Code
N100 50MB + 25MB Bonus 24 hrs Text”104″ to 131

150MB + 75MB Bonus 24 hrs Text”113″ to 131
N300 150MB 7 Days Text”102″ to 131
N500 500MB + 250MB Bonus* 7 Days Text”103″ to 131

MTN Daily/Weekly Plan Analysis

A quick glance at the table above reveals that the sampled data plans are for short term and light weight use.

Like if you need to do some random stuff and don’t want to spend much on data.

Having the long running cost and value in mind;

The N200 for  150MB + 75MB Bonus is recommended for a 24hrs validity

While N500 for 500MB + 250MB Bonus is more advisable for weekly since it allows for far more data.


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MTN monthly data plans and subscription codes.

Price Data Validity Code
N1,000 1GB + 500MB Bonus* 30 Days Text”106″ to 131
1.5GB 30 Days Text”130″ to 131
2.5GB + 1GB Bonus* 30 Days Text”110″ to 131
5GB 30 Days Text”107″ to 131
10GB 30 Days Text “116” to 131
N10,000 22GB 30 Days Text”117″ to 131

MTN monthly data plans Analysis

The table above is very self defining with every information that a user would need,

However making a choice will often times be confusing,

Finding  a data plan with Abundant data allowance at low cost is always a tough exercise.

Note: The Bonuses on some plans works only at Night from 1am- 7am daily.

That is why we strike a balance so that you do not end up cheating yourself by going for a low cost plan with very low data allowance that would vanish before you know it.

for monthly subs we recommend N1200 for 1.5GB  for 30days

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