Two boys contest in an election over a girl they both fell in love with in Bauchi (photos)

A social media user uploaded some interesting photos on twitter this morning, he explained that two boys identified as Inusa and Ibrahim contested in an election in Bauchi state to know who will be with a girl who had fallen in love with both of them.

According to the twitter user with the handle @Mubarack_Umar, Khadijah had requested for the election which was conducted by elders of Giade town in Bauchi State. Inusa reportedly scored highest number of votes to defeat his rival, Ibrahim.

@Mubarack_Umar tweeted;

See more photos from the “Election” below.

This might seem funny but it Could become a trend in the future. As a lady will you ever do this if you find yourself in such dilemma?

And guys what do you think of this.. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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