Ben Murray Bruce wife dies

Sen. Ben Murray Bruce loses wife Evelyn to cancer

Former Nigerain senator and the CEO of Silverbird Cinemas, Ben Murra-Bruce announced that he have lost his wife Evelyn Murray Bruce to the cold hands of death.

He share the sad news on social media on the early hours of Friday, 20 march.

Senator Bruce disclosed that his late wife battled with a severe case of cancer before she passed on.

In his post,He advocated that cancer is real and advised that awareness, early detection and treatment are key to surviving the disease.

He also called on the general public to pray for his family during this difficult time of heartbreak.

The Silverbird boss and His late wife had been married for 41 years. 

See a srceenshot his post below;

He also Share some cute photos to demonstrate how happy they were together. See the photos below;


Senator Ben Murray Bruce and His Wife Evelyn Murray Bruce



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