Photos: Robber nabbed at Mandillas market after victim raised alarm.

A criminal met his Waterloo this morning at mandillas market, Trades fair complex Lagos state when he was captured after stealing a smartphone belonging to a lady. 


According to the victim, the thief sneaked into her shop while she was taking a nap and made away with the phone, but luckily for her she woke up immediately the young man was about to leave the shop and raised alarm. 

Other traders in the market saw her shouting while running after the phone thief and joined in the pursuit. 


The market is highly crowded,  so the robber could not escape easily.  He was caught and beaten mercilessly. 


The timely intervention of the market’s security team saved the man from mob lynching. They returned the smartphone to the owner and dragged the criminal to the police station.  


The young lady who was still rattled by the entire incident revealed that her former phone was stolen at the same shop recently, before she purchased this current one. 

Below are some photos from the scene;





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