Ghana police retrieve the bodies of ‘Takoradi missing girls’ kidnapped by a Nigerian from septic tank

The remains of the 3 Takoradi Girls Ruthlove Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum and Priscilla Koranchie declared missing between August-December 2018, have been found in septic tank embedded in a property which was previously occupied by the key kidnap suspect Samuel Udoetuk-Wills.

The corpses were retrieved from a septic tank at Kasaworodo a suburb of Takoradi on Friday night August 2, after a search was conducted by the Ghanaian police with the aid of sniffer dogs.

Ghana’s local media reported that the Nigerian kidnapper Samuel Udoetuk-Wills, allegedly led the police to the area located near the hostel of the Methodist Girls Senior High School and it was subsequently cordoned off at about 5:30 pm with the help of officers of the Prisons Service.

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