Spokesperson for President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan, Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe reveals the 12 things PDP must do before 2023 Elections to win.

Former spokesperson of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan,  Doyin Okupe shared an open letter containing words of advice to his party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on the important changes they need to make in order to take back power by 2023 elections.

Okupe gave the advice in an article posted on social media today December 20th. According to him, the PDP suffered major setbacks in 2019 but it can redeem itself if it changes its name amongst other things.

“Now as we go into the new year and look forward to 2023 we must prepare for a new beginning. I recommend that the party and its leadership consider the following: The party must urgently rebrand and take up a new name and a new constitution if it intends to win general elections in the future,” he said.

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“Pdp has suffered major and serious setbacks in 2019. In spite of this it is still the strongest and most resilient party in the country. The present national executives have performed very well in this very trying and daunting if not perilous circumstances.

The presidential flag bearer has demonstrated commendable courage, experience and commitment and deployed personally unprecedented resources in the pursuit of our collective noble objective of taking over power from Apc.

The Apc is not our match. They are bullish and brutal in their political pursuits. But our position of not subjugating national interest and unity to parochial and selfish desires is not something we should regret.

A few individuals also did us proud. Former Senate President Dr.Bukola Saraki and some of his colleagues in the national assembly, including but not limited to, senator Dino Melaye deserve our commendation. So also are former governor ayo fayose and Femi fanikayode. Both Performed as self appointed spokespersons for the opposition in critical times.

Now as we go into the new year and look forward to 2023 we must prepare for a new begining.
I recommend that the party and its leadership consider the following:

1. The party must urgently rebrand and take up a new name and a new constitution if it intends to win general elections in the future.

2. The leadership of the party should cease from been allocated to the state governors. Government and party must be separate to avoid authoritanianism and corruption.

3. Every state branch must work strenuously to find within their respective states at least 25/30,000 financial members who can contribute minimum of N1000 per month to the party. This is apart from monthly contribution of members at the ward levels.This will guarantee collective ownership and independence.

4. Any party official that collects bribe from an aspirant should automatically lose his office once found guilty by a disciplinary committee.

5.Campaign organisations for all aspirants at all levels, can only come into existence 6 months before the primaries of the particular elections. All aspirants at all levels should after submission of expression of interest forms, join the party executives and work with them to build and strengthen the party for victory at the elections.

6. The party must compulsorily agree on some critical national issues which must be clearly stated in the new constitution. This will include:
Federalism, Restructuring, role of religion in governance including Sharia, state police, Revenue sharing, issues relating to Herdsmen,Ruga,immigration, indigene and settlers issues, power rotation, federal character, upholding the rule of law, economic policy, foreign relations policies including relationship with Isreal and middle east, IOC etc.

7. Lingering crisis must be addressed. President Jonathan must be reconciled with Dickson. Also Dickson and the leadership of the party in Bayelsa.

8. President Jonathan should be appeased to forgive party leaders and government officials especially of northern extractions, who betrayed him in the 2015 elections.

9. President Jonathan must be acknowledged and acclaimed as the leader of the party. He should host a grand love feast where the foundations for these healings must be laid.

10. The pdp governors from the south east must be appealed to and appeased if necessary, for them to maintain their steadfastness and loyalty to pdp and resist pressure to the contrary.

11. The leadership of the party must begin to identify with and stand by party faithfuls under persecution or trials all over the federation to increase bonding and sense of camaraderie among members.

12. Party members nationwide must stand firm and remain within the pdp family instead of deflecting to APC, a fledging party though in power. People should take cue from the overwhelming misfortunes and lack of proper recognition that has befallen most of pdp members who defected to APC.

I have said it in the past and I repeat it again, apc is not truly a political party in the real sense of the word. Rather it’s a conglomeration of incongruous and immiscible components which will eventually disintegrate irretrievably when it comes under power struggle intensity which is already building up.


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