Buhari did not ban travels from UK until his daughter returned-Reno Omokri

Popular author and former Aide of Ex president Goodluck Jonathan pastor Renor Omokri alleged that general buhari risked the lives of 200million Nigerians just because he cares only about himself and his family.

He alleged that the president only imposed travel ban on united Kingdom after his daughter who traveled to the country came back to Nigeria.

Omokri who refers to himself as “Buhari-Tormentor” used a quote from Sherlock Holmes that says  “when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains,however improbable, is the truth.” to buttress his point.

Recall that that FG on earlier this week, announced a sweeping travel ban on several European nations excluding the UK.

The government however, announce that the UK is now added to the list on “THE DAY BUHARI’S DAUGHTER RETURN” according to Omokri.

See his statement Below;

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