Alert! See the Latest method “Yahoo Boys” uses scam people in Nigeria

Internet fraud
Scammers have come up with another means to defraud unsuspecting people through social media.
They will sneak into WhatsApp groups and monitor people’s activities either collect their number from there or go to Facebook profile collect your number.
They will copy your profile name on Facebook,the next thing is to try to log in to Facebook through forgotten password access,after they must have tried other ways to hack in,then they will call you.
When you hear the caller identifying himself as face book employee your subconscious mind will alert you of prevailing fraudulent activities of scammers.
You may want to be more careful in replies to him in other not to fall victim,but you will loose your grip and sense of security when he will tell you that they observed a lot of accounts created in your name allegedly by scammers to defraud people,that all they need from you is to help them identifying the authentic one,so that they will deactivate the rest for your safety,they will go on to tell you that they launched this filter to identify scammers and fake accounts to save the integrity of genuine Facebook users.
I bet by now you must have lost control of the your earlier resolve to be careful.
They will tell you that they are sending a code to all the accounts,you are to identifying the authentic account by sending back any unique code you received by your mobile number.
Else all the account will won’t feel good to loose a Facebook nurtured for a long time especially as this warning is coming from the alleged administrators of Facebook that’s why falling a victim is easy.
If you dare send them this supposed code after receipt.They will have unfettered access into you account by resetting your password..unlike contemporary and well know hacks,they won’t tamper with your profile,pictures or chats,they will only remove any link like phone number ,emails that may enable you to take it back from them and add their own.
The casualty here is not you loosing your account but your friends in Facebook whom they will defraud with your personality.By either demanding money from them,or leading them into one money doubling scheme which you have allegedly tried and confirmed to be OK.Your loyal but greedy friends will fall victim to this temptation base on your referral,also still share it for the scammers.
It’s not a drill or cooked up story it have been happening.Be on alert.
Though you can still recover your account through some rigorous time consuming steps but you can still stop it from happening by been conscious of anything that have to do with code,password,don’t share them with third party.
One of the ways ,to stay safe is to add an email to your Facebook and replace your phone number with it as your primary contact link,Facebook can only contact you through the email with details of why they contact.Or you set up two factor authentication in your Facebook security settings.
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Have you had any encounter with these ‘yahoo boys’ ? share your experience in the comment section for others to learn from it.
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