5 dirty open-secrets every aspiring actor/actress should know before rushing into nollywood

A lot people especially young people wants to venture into acting. Being a movie star undoubtedly brings a tremendous amount of fame and probably a lot of money too.

There is undeniably a lot of benefits of achieving that ‘celebrity’ status in today’s society.

Many are dreaming to make acting their full time career just like we see in the popular names in the movie industry both in Nigeria and abroad who have obviously made big.

To be an actor or an actress in Nigeria, Nollywood is the movie industry in Nigeria, just like they have Hollywood in America and Bollywood in India.

You may be asking yourself why most Nollywood actresses are more focused on showing the world their big bum bum?

why are they always flaunting their big breasts online?

how did a guy who was never a homosexual will entered nollywood suddenly became one?

Why are they too hungry for Social media likes and comments instead of making good movies/being a good role model?

here are the answers below;

1: Nowadays Directors don’t cast people based on talent anymore instead they cast the one that they have slept with,or the ones that must have paid them, a lot of girls do pay for a movie role,at the end they will end up doing nothing reasonable with roles they get.

Many nollywood directors/producers can never give one a waka pass if he didn’t sleep with the person,they can’t even look at you twice if you didn’t sleep with them, they will frustrate you until you succumb to their devilsh act.

That’s why most of our nollywood actress focuses on their body instead of their art in order to keep attracting the attention of these pervert producers.

2: Most of our Nollywood celebrities focuses on Instagram likes and comments because that is where they make their own money,yes to them snapping a sexy picture attracts customers to them,a lot of them do sleep with men to get their money.

Forget all this online businesses they claimed to be doing it’s not it at all,a lot of them are being paid just to sleep with.

They are runs girl that’s where girls gets their money which they display on social media,after they will write God is the answer,Same with guys who sleeps with old women/widows or even their gay partners in the movie industry to get their money in.A wise person shouldn’t be following social media trend because almost all is fake.

3: Do you know that most celebrities do beg for a role?Let me shock you,some of them will be calling directors/producers or even marketers promising to give them what they want in order to get a role.

After giving their bodies in exchange for roles they will rush to the social media to brag with photos alongside a beautiful caption that makes it seem like the movieroles are just coming to them effortlessly.

Don’t doubt me when I tell you that one director can be sleeping with about 6 celebrities and all of them will be aware of it and they will still be doing it.

4: Males suffers the most in the movie industry, they hardly gain favour. Some directors, marketers, producers are gay,so they find it very difficult to take a boy except if they have something intimate.

Most of our nollywood guys are gay today not because they are born gay but because they are being used by those projecting them

You can only count few of them that isn’t gay. Unfortunately, the anomaly is fast becoming the new normal thing,because most of the upcoming don’t seem to care anymore, they sees it as an easy way to become a super star faster forgetting the implications.

5: Our celebrities don’t care about the society anymore that is why they misbehave,they no more hide they are lesbian or gay,they aren’t ashamed anymore.

I personally have nothing against gays but the practice is not legal in Nigeria. It is prohibited by the laws of the land. The customs and traditions of our land also frowns on the abnormal practice.

Our society today celebrate and value people doing bad over the ones doing good. Nollywood celebrities don’t care about what we think of them,they believe they are beyond everyone, forgetting that a lot is looking up to them.


The point of this post is not to kill your dream or to discourage from pursuing your dreams in movie industry.

But here are some advice, Don’t be so desperate because the despearate ones don’t survive it,they are been used and dumped half way,every good thing takes time.

While pursuing your dreams,make sure you have a source of income,make sure you have a supportive background to avoid being starved or you sleeping around for money.

Make sure you are going into it because you have the passion not because you want to become somebody else.

When they approach you, insist that you can’t do it,but if you really want follow that path, it’s still up to you based on your personal choice.

Remember once you start sleeping with them for a movie role,you will continue doing it,because if you stop half way,it means they are dumping you.

I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of your dreams.

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