17 and 12 year old boys arrested for allegedly gang raping 12 year old girl in Asaba (photo)

The Delta state police command have arrested two underaged boys, 17 and 12, for allegedly raping a 12- year-old girl in Asaba, the state capital.

Activist Harrison Emefiena Gwamnishu who shared the story online, said the incident happened on Friday June 28th.

Giving more details about the unfortunate  incident Gwamnishu said;

The victim lives with her parents at Amusement park road in Asaba. She went to fetch water in the compound of the tall slim suspect. There she met with the two boys who asked her to come inside their house.


They demanded to have sex with her and after she refused, the 17 year old suspect used a wrapper to cover her mouth and dragged her into his sister’s bedroom where they pinned her to the bed, used their finger on her before they took turns to penetrate her. They cleaned the blood with the wrapper and asked her to leave the house.

The next day which was Saturday June 29th, the victim informed her mother of what happened to her. The mother took her to the 17-year-old suspects house to complain to his parents. The mother of the suspect said she cannot defend her son and asked that a test be done on the girl.


The victim was taken to the Federal Medical Center Asaba for test. A pregnancy test was done on her as she told her mother that one of the boys jerked off on her.

A medical doctor in the hospital gave the mother my number and I was alerted. On Wednesday July 3rd, myself and my team went to school of the boys to pick them up. The school authorities told us that this would not be the first time the boys have been involved in such a crime.


The sister of the 17 year suspect also said this would not be the first time such a thing has happened. She pleaded we discontinue the case but we said we cannot because the boys need to run some tests as well because from the tests that was run on the little girl, it was discovered that she had an infection for which treatment has commenced”.

Harrison said the boys have been picked up and are currently being detained at the Akwuofu divisional police station in Asaba. He added that the family members of the other suspect have refused to come forward because according to them, he is notorious.

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