Shocking video: You may not eat Kilishi again after watching this.

Kilishi is one Nigerian delicacy that pretty much everyone loves.


A new video now trending online may cause some lovers of kilishi to have a second thought. 

Few hours ago,  a Twitter user has shared a video showing the unsanitary condition under which this delicacy is made.


In the video shared online, the thinly cut beef can be seen spread out on a wire gauze to dry. As the camera zooms in, you can see hundreds of flies perched on top of the meat.


This appears to be the norm because no one made any attempt to disperse the flies, neither did they act like it was unusual.

“Who and who eats kilishi here? This is a video of where the popular Kilishi meat is made. Someone posted this on Instagram and I’m wondering if this how that spot in Garki, Abuja looks like,”

The twitter user tweeted with a video of the kilishi being processed.­

watch the video below; 



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