Italian diagnosed With Coronavirus Attempts escape from Isolation Centre Over Poor Facility

An episode of confusion ensued at the Coronavirus Lagos Isolation Centre as the Italian man who was diagnosed  with the first case of the virus in Nigeria attempted to run away from the center.

The man was disappointed at the ill-equipped facility and poor treatment he is being given, according to  sources

The Italian also complained of not being fed well and not receiving proper medical attention, all of which culminated in his decision to abscond from the center.

“Where they kept him is a very uncomfortable place.

“They put him in just a room with no power supply, the room is not air-conditioned, mosquitoes are biting him and they are not feeding him,” sources said.

His attempt to abscond from the isolation centre was however, not successful as security guards were able to stop him.

The Italian is the only confirmed case of the virus in Nigeria after he flew into the country on Monday, February 24. had reported that he was diagnosed of the disease in Ogun State before he was rushed to Lagos where he was kept in Isolation.  had also reported that the Italian made contact with many people within and outside the cement factory and at the hospital where he was rushed to for initial treatment.

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