Regina Daniels and her mother

Woman commends Rita Daniels for marrying off Regina without her father’s consent,Advices Single mothers to always change give their kids their own surname(full post)

A Lady on Facebook  has shared a long and interesting post in which she commended Rita Daniels, the mother of Regina Daniels for taking up the responsibility of raising her kids alone, and her recent decision to give her daughter away in marriage by herself.


Nkechi Bianze, while praising Rita Daniels, used the opportunity to advise single mothers to learn from Regina’s mum. She also advised children of deadbeat fathers to take a leaf from Regina Daniels and quit going after their deadbeat fathers.

She went on to add that single mothers should change their children’s surname from their father’s to their maiden name if the men are not active in the children’s lives.

She wrote: “Single mothers who raised their children alone deserve to be the ones to accept bride price or any other honor the parent of the bride should get.”


She added: “Dear single mothers on my list, It’s ok to change your children’s surnames to yours. I just want you to understand that. Yes, I said it!


“My graduate school housemate’s mum changed her name as soon as her father abandoned them to another country to marry another woman. Many people are now doing this. Things are changing fast.


“Young men of today need to begin to realize that they will not get away with being deadbeat fathers to their children. We as a society, especially single mothers and women need to begin to send across this message.


“Deadbeat fathers are the scums of the earth.”


Read the full Facebook post and some replies below.


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