Painful: Radio presenter narrates how she was raped by two brothers for 10 years.

A radio presenter has narrated being raped by two brothers for years Under her mother’s noses and it will surely move you to tears.

In the lengthy thread, Abi Idowu, a writer, told of the very first time she was raped by her mother’s friend’s son. The abuse continued for years and he later invited his brother to join him in raping her.

She was threatened that her mother would throw her out if she spoke out and, because of the way her mother mercilessly disciplined her, she believed this and never spoke out until years later.

She said she was also sexually abused by teachers in boarding school.

At 40, she was raped in the UK by a strange man who barged into her house. A man she still doesn’t know.

Abi’s experiences has left her suffering both physically and psychologically.

She also revealed that her mum still remains friends with the mother of her abusers and when she brings it up, she’s told to forgive and move on because time has passed.

You’ll probably need a box of tissues to read the thread below.

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