5-yr-old in bikini and full makeup for birthday shoot attracts harsh criticism to the Mother(Photos)

A young Nigerian mother with the Facebook name Ejiwunmi yetty angered many concerned Nigerians with series of photos she posted on Facebook to celebrate her daughter’s 5th birthday.

Ejiwunmi few days ago, on her Facebook page posted some photos of her daughter, Okikiolami.

In one of the scenes, the 5 year old posed multiple times while wearing a heavy makeup on the face , while in another she was clad in a sheer yellow bikini.

She also posed with a blue aso-eke and jr face ‘painted’ with all manners of make up.

The comments under the photos appears to go contrary to the expectations of the mother because many people even after congratulating the child on her birthday celebration still added their displeasure at the choice of dressing.

Most argued that she is overdressed and too little for that manner of outfit and makeup.

Some condemned the parents especially the mother for ‘sexualizing’ the little girl.

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