“Wish I could disappear with my kid and never come back,” Davido’s 2nd babymama shares disturbing post

Amanda,Davido’s second babymama, took to her instastories to share some posts that raises concerns.

In one of the posts,  she hinted that she wants to ‘disappear’.

On Her first post she lamented her disgust towards a certain kind of people she said that a all over Instagram.

read her post below;

The human race just disgust me, so many fakes, wanna bes, liars, two faced, those who play all sides, dishonest, opportunists evil wicked people and IG has become the main platform or all those disgusting people.

While on the second post,  she made a disturbing comment, which may warns should be taken seriously before something goes wrong.

See the post below,

Wish i could just disappear with my kid and never come back…. one day.

See her post below ;

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