(video) Future’s bodyguard is punched unconscious; the rapper reacts.

Future’s bodygurad was knocked flat out on Monday in Ibiza when some men failed at their attempt to take a photo with the rapper.


The bodyguard was with Future at the International Airport in Ibiza, Spain, when the attack took place.


Future had just arrived the airport and was walking through the terminal when about 10 guys approached and asked for a photo.


Future, who was tired after just getting off a long flight, declined, saying: “Not today, guys.”

But the men took offence and began hurling racial slurs at the rapper.


According to TMZ, Future’s bodyguard stepped in and tried to block the guys so he can successfully get Future away from them and into his car. But the guys attacked the body guard and started beating him.


One of the guys punched him from behind, allegedly with a rock, and he fell down and blacked out.

Reacting to the incident, Future wrote: “Basically these fake goons ask to suck my d**k for a picture I toldem NOOOOO…apparently they get angry and do sum sucker s**t.”

He added: “I left the airport, they edit the video they filmed and sent it to blogs real real tuf guys … what they did to security I didn’t see period, I’m not a witness to anything…leave me out anything have to with this incident.”

Future's bodyguard is punched unconscious; the rapper responds (video)

Watch the video below; 

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