Elon Musk

Tesla Boss,Elon Musk Drops Rap song;RIP Harambe(Audio)

Elon Musk the Ceo of Tesla, an American Electric Vehicle manufacturing company and Space X supriced the world with a debut of a rap song on April fool’s day.

The 47 year old billionaire witha net worth of over 20billion US dollar dropped the song under the a record label he called Emo G records.

The song, titled RIP Harambe is a tribute to a gorilla Harambe, who apparently died.

Listen to the Elon Musk- RIP Harambe Audio on soundcloud

See His Tweets

He followed up with tweets that he is disappointed that his new record label failed..Already?

He even complained that a duck which he tweeted performed better that his Emo G records..lol

The dude is obviously fun loving and humorous.

News Organizations also announced the arrival of the Elon Musks- Rip Harambe.. see there tweets below.

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