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Regina Daniels and her brother reportedly involved in car accident on Christmas Eve

Regina Daniels, popular Nollywood teenage diva and her brother, Samuel have reportedly been involved in a ghastly car accident.

According to reports, He Toyota Camry ran into a nearby bush, the accident took place on evening of the day before Christmas.

There have always being this myth of increased rate road accidents during this season and its supposed connection to it being “ember” month.

However, the increase of the number of road travelers who are either travelling to celebrate the Christmas season with their loved ones could be the cause of the increased number of accidents.

Drivers are advised to put in extra care in this period of the year and ensure that they adhere to all safety rules and measures.

Vehicles should also be routinely checked before each journey and regular maintenance is always the safest measure.

According to Vanguard, The siblings were with two other passengers when the accident occurred. No casualties were recorded.

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