New ‘Scam method’ Alert: See a hilarious Nigeria man’s chat with a Scammer.

A Nigeria man, Name withheld sent this chat to our editor asking us to publish it for the benefit of prospective victim of this new way that Internet fraudsters popularly known as yahoo boys are using to scam their unsuspecting victims of their hard earned money.

He narrated that the scammer sent him a friend request on Facebook and within minutes of him accepting the request, the con man started bombarding his inbox with mouth watering money making opportunity.

According to him he was skeptical about the identity of the ‘scammer’ from the moment he saw his friend request therefore was not surprised when the fake proposals came flooding in.

The fake account name was Jonh Flipcash.

He however made attempts to twist the situation to his own favour but the fraudster noticed his plan and absconded.

See their chats below:

He said that he intends to continue the chat if the jonh Flip cash fake account contacts him again. He want to score his own mugu also

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