Filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s 23-year-old daughter,Mikaela comes out as a Pornstar

Mikaela Spielberg, the 23-year-old adopted daughter of Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg, 66, and actress, Kate Capshaw, 66, has revealed she is now a porn star.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun, the Nashville-based adult film star, who was adopted as a baby, revealed she recently told her parents about her new work and they are in complete support of her.

‘My safety has always been a number one priority for them,’ she told The Sun, while revealing that she broke the news to them via FaceTime over the weekend. ‘I’m doing this, not out of an urge to hurt anybody or be spiteful about it, I’m doing this because I want to honor my body in a way that’s lucrative.’

Mikaela Spielberg who described herself as a “sexual creature,” explained to The Sun that she had grown frustrated with working a more traditional job and wanted to find a way to “capitalize on her body.”

“I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying my soul,” Mikaela Spielberg told The Sun. “I feel like doing this kind of work, I’m able to ‘satisfy’ other people, but that feels good because it’s not in a way that makes me feel violated.”

“This is a positive, empowering choice,” she emphasized. “I realized there is no shame in having a fascination with this industry and wanting to do something that is safe, sane, consensual.”

In the interview, Spielberg also revealed that she had been sexually abused as a child, and the abuse led her to struggle with anorexia, borderline personality disorder and alcoholism as a teenager and young adult.

The 23-year-old who is engaged to Chuck Pankow, 47, a professional darts player also told The Sun she would not do films that involve her having sex with other men, out of respect for fiancee.

“The reason I don’t want to do anything outside of solo stuff is because I feel like it would be a violation of my boundaries and my relationship with my significant other,” Mikaela Spielberg said, adding that she thinks she would be ‘great at fetish work’.

“There’s so much shame around that still,” she said.

Mikaela, whose porn videos focused primarily on her naturally large breasts, which she refers to as her ‘moneymaker’ admitted that she felt proud after trying porn for the first time.

‘Honestly, I have hated my chest for so long but I’ve finally learned to embrace it. That was one of the things when I uploaded these first couples of videos, I realized, “This is the moneymaker” – my large chest,’ she said

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