Exposed! Blogger that claimed Someone else’s house is her’s arrested(Videos)

‘Breakup or Makeup’ founder, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO has been arrested after she tried to pass off someone else’s house as hers and took a photo in front of it.

On the day she turned 30, Blessing celebrated her birthday bash across three Nigerian states – Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. She also unveiled a new 7-bedroom duplex which she claimed she built.

She even boasted of having spen over 7 million Naira on her birthday;

But the owner of the house, Onye Eze, an Igbo business man based in China, got wind of her deception and exposed her online. Yet Blessing kept insisting the house was hers and she shared the plan of a house as proof. She also shared a video of the house to try to salvage her reputation. Then, this morning she shared a photo of herself dressed in her nightwear in front of the house.



But architects pointed out the discrepancies and said the photo of the uncompleted building she shared as the ‘before’ photo couldn’t possibly end up looking like the completed structure she shared.


After she was exposed, Blessing shared a number of posts trying to salvage her reputation but later took them down. In a now-deleted post, she claims she has been threatened to stop posting about the house. But web users doubted the authenticity of the post and accused her of composing the threat to herself.



A leaked voice note also showed her admitting to posing with someone else’s house but she vowed to build a replica of the same house to cover up.


This morning again, she shared a photo of herself posing outside the house in her nightwear and her bonnet, trying to give the impression that the house is hers and she passed the night there.



But web users refused to be fooled twice and they called her out for being fake. Some accused her of reaching some sort of agreement with the real owner of the house so she will be allowed to take a photo outside the house to save face. Others told her to go inside the house and take photos in the room to really prove the house is hers.


Unfortunately for Blessing, she went too far this time with the scam as she was arrested and was forced to confess.


In a video showing her arrest, the BOM founder can be seen crying and begging for forgiveness as she was led out in handcuffs. She confessed that the house belongs to Onye Eze and not to her as she claimed.

Watch the videos below;

Video 1

Video 2


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