A lot of Nigerian students struggle through school and sometimes drops out due to financial difficulties. How ever it does not matter whether you have a strong financial back up or not, There are various small businesses and services you can start in Nigeria to be supporting yourself in school and attain a level of financial independence. Some people became somebody today and built a business empire through a small hustle they started during their school days.
There are so many small businesses that you can start with just little amount of money and with dedication,your earnings may be beyond your expectations.
All you have to do is to devote your time, your energy, and be creative,
don’t be discourage by the thoughts and fears like;

How is it possible?

How can I cope with my studies and the business?


Can I do it?

Do I have all it takes?


The answer is yes!
You can do it, there are thousands of students doing it out there, stop doubting yourself,never be too big to do small things and never be too small to do big things, believe in yourself, stop discouraging yourself,don’t allow anybody to discourage you, be yourself and you will achieve what you never expected.

Below are some of the small businesses that you can start with just little amount of money.

1. Baking:


Baking  is of different types, which includes

  1. cake baking,
  2. bread baking,
  3. meat pie baking
  4. chin chin baking,
  5. donuts baking etc.
Students who are been involved in this kind of business will know that it fetches them huge amount of money everyday because it is a consumer goods. It doesn’t involve extra advertising, it sells itself once you know what you are doing.


2. Hair dressing:



Hair dressing is a wonderful profession,it is a business that needs only your time and energy, it does not involve any money to start.


With this businesses you can make thousands of naira daily, weekly or even monthly depending on your capacity, a lot of students knows how to plait hair but due to laziness, shyness he or she will not put it into practice,stop being shy or lazy.


This is the time for you to start building yourself,most of our richest men and women started like this so don’t be ashamed to showcase what you have.


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3.Bead making:


This is a hand work that requires  nothing much from you but your time and attention. It is one of the cheapest business that one can start with any amount of money depending on his or her pocket, bead making is one of the simplest and interesting business that can fetch you huge amount of money without any stress.

4.Selling of clothes:


Cloth businesses


It could be fairly used or brand new ones, students love cheap clothes. the female students especially, buys new clothes at every opportunity they get. once a girl sees a ‘nice’ cloth and likes it, she doesn’t hesitate to pay if she is with the money.


That’s just the nature of most girls and hence a very big business opportunity for an entrepreneur.

you can sell from a hostel to another hostel, or even advertise samples at your department and other departments. Once you have nice clothes and sell at a considerate price, you will make a lot of customers within an unprecedented short period.

5.selling of underwears:



Just like I mentioned above,  clothing are always needed by students provided the price is affordable. I have witnessed Several occasions where students (male and female )  bring underwears to my hostel when I was schooling. They makes an envious amount of sales which to some degree made me consider Joining the business. I patronized them too because their goods were as good as those you can get in the market and also much cheaper.

Most of them that I knew personally paid their fees with the revenue generated from their daily sales.



6. Organize tutorial lessons your fellow students:


This will be a very lucrative venture if you have the ability. teaching requires knowledge and some degree of skill.  knowledge in the sense that you should know a subject better that your students or at least have a greater ability to understand and learn fast.


if you can pull this off,  then you are in for unprecedented returns. A lot of students prefer to learn from somebody they can connect with,  someone they can talk to any how and ask any type of question whenever they need to OR feel like.  And that person is you, because you are one of them. learning from you will be easier and fun,  that’s why this is a great business opportunity for you if you have what it takes.


7.Write assignments and manuals for other Students:


I hated writing or copying long texts and notes when I was in school, especially the manuals, though luckily I am a changed person now(you can do a word count of my posts and be the judge,  lol😂 ).




But seriously there are dozens of students like the then me. Students  that would give anything to be left alone and not be bothered by endless assignments and manuals ‘photocopying‘.


So Now you can imagine how much you could be making your self if you can lift the burden off these poor ones each time such assignments are issued. Just announce that you are up for hire and fix a good price, your helpless customers will approach  you themselves.


8.Engage in manual labour:


manual labour


This requires strength and a state of good health. consider the other options first before this. This is if you can stand to get your hands dirty.


manual labour


Ironically it is the one of the easiest to start, easiest because it doesn’t require any cash investment but only you physical strength.

if you have no choice but this, it is very lucrative and can earn a substantial revenue. with a lot of all kinds of constructions and the likes going on everywhere, manual  jobs are easily available.


But please always know when you need a break and when to stop.


9.Barbing Saloon:



barbing saloon clippers


I don’t need to write much on this, it is Lucrative to a great extent. But you need to get the skill if you don’t have that already. You can simply attach yourself to an established barbing saloon. having your own barbing saloon is the most profitable but it requires some investment of capital. Renting is usually expensive but if you can afford it,  just find one at a good location.


10.Wig making:





This craft requires some certain level of skill, how ever there are dozens of means to get the skills needed. You can learn from an established hairdresser since it is also part of hairdressing. you need to have hair dressing skill in order to be proficient in this. Wigs are very popular among wealthy and working class ladies. This group of individuals have little or no time for weaving their hairs so thy most times resort to Wigs. The pay good money for these wigs. I have seen wigs that cost more than 40 thousand Naira.

You may not always make the big money, but you will certainly make enough that worth the effort. If you want to try this, first thing to do is make all necessary inquiries, research and market survey. there are plenty of youtube video tutorials you can watch to give you a head start..

you may start with these videos : Youtube- how to make wigs

11.Writing movie scripts:





If you love writing, this is a great way to make cool cash. You as a student can make a lot of money from writing short interesting stories for movie producers or even full movie script if have the determination. Just like several other industries, the Nigerian movie industries is still growing and still need fresh ideas.

Do not underestimate yourself of be discouraged by the big names already making it in the industry. Once you take the first step and be persistent, you will be amazed at where you skill will eventually take you.

Reach out to Movie producers  and show them your already made works, you can seek their review and ideas. Do no be discouraged if you work is rejected or laughed at rather ask them to give you corrections so that you may improve. Start by handing out your scripts for free, you can start charging when you gain a little recognition.

12. Carrying out course and final Year projects for students :




This is a very sure way to make a lot of cash if you are smart and hardworking. i have seen a lot of students that paid all their fees through school with the money they made yearly fro final year projects.
You as a student can tap into this opportunity as well because why not? The good part is that you expand your knowledge and intelligence when you research on diverse topics from different students. Thereby you make money while you learn.
You can source for research materials from your school library and the internet. Do not be afraid of any topic even if you are not very familiar with it. Long as you have got enough time to deliver the project. Search the internet for works done by others, related to the topic.
You can even offer to type the project for them, You can do this with you smart phone or laptop.
If you are using a smartphone, there are dozens of apps to use for this. One good example of them is WPS-office which you can download here



A lot of other opportunities are available out there for smart and  hardworking students. Any one of them that you decide to involve yourself in should be one that you can be able to conveniently run simultaneously with your academic pursuit. Don’t be consumed by your side hustle so as not to lose your main purpose which is to graduate with a good result. i wish you good luck in your newly found business.

See at the top.

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