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13 Easy,Lucrative Small businesses you can Start during NYSC service year.

If you are looking for how to make money as a corp member, look no further. Just follow our complete guide on lucrative businesses to start during your NYSC service year and you will definitely make it.

During your one year of National service, you begin to appreciate the realities of fending for yourself if you haven’t been doing that since earlier on.

The federal government through NYSC pays you a monthly stipend which unfortunately is nothing close to being enough for your daily needs in a month talk more of leaving you some savings.

You want to start a side hustle, a small business that will be another source of revenue to ensure your survival through your service year.

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We listed these small businesses and services for corps members that have the chance and abilities. Having time for the side hustle depends on your PPA, place of primary assignment.


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 Some PPAs are not too strict with regular attendance. Some PPAs may allow you some personal time if you ask nicely.

However some scheduling officers in your PPA might demand some form of back rubbing.

For Corps members posted to strict PPAs ,there are still dozens of opportunities available for your exploitation if your are determined to make some extra income other than you monthly stipend.

 Some businesses and services can be done in the evening after work closing hours.

Likewise there are still businesses and services that you can run from any location and at any time of the day.

It is important that you pay a keen attention during your free SAED training while on camp because the skills you get from there can make you a successful entreprenuer during and after your service year.

 However you can find an expert and learn your desired skill from them at a negotiated price.

List of businesses and services you can do during your NYSC service year .

1. Start a cooking gas refill Shop:

If you are in a developed location and have enough capital this is a good small business you can start.

You may employ a shopkeeper if you can and want to.

You can still be opening whenever you have the chance, probably after work and during weekends, the product is not perishable so you can run the business with some convenience.

2. Baking of snacks and retail of such products :

You can make a lot of money if you can bake snacks, You can get the skill from SAED program organized by NYSC during and off camp.

Your products can be supplied in wholesale price to retailers or you can do the retail yourself.

You can earn a good income from this small business. Groundnuts, well packaged tiger nuts, meat pies, buns, sausages and many other snacks are normally consumed at large quantities during work hours by employees.

 You can also bring your goods to your weekly CDSs, Community Development Service meetings. Other corps members will love to patronize you since you are one of them.

And the capital and the running cost is very low.


3. Fast food stand:

We aren’t suggesting Mr Biggs and Crunches scale of fast food restaurant, no, just a micro fast food joint where you will be serving few simple dishes.

Instant noodles like indomie, Tummy Tummy and the rest of them are excellent for this business.

Fried eggs and adding other condiments to enhance the taste and aesthetics will attract more customers to you.

This small business thrives very well in the evening and into the night. It also requires a market of young and working class individuals.

Consider the security of your location before staying out at night time.

4. POP corn supply:

If you are living comfortably, that is if there is enough space in your residence, you can acquire a pop corn making machine.Alternatively you can still make pop corn with your cooking pot.

You can get the skill from an expert or you can watch dozens of tutorials available for free on YouTube and self teach yourself.

click here to watch pop corn making tutorial on YouTube

The market for your finished product are the local retail shops. Sell to them in bulk and subsidized price and go about your daily PPA work without worries.

This can be done once twice or more in a week depending on the size of your market.

5. Cleaning Services :

House and office cleaning services are always in high demand especially in developed areas.

 You can even give out your contact to property agents so that they may contact you each time a new tenant need their newly rented apartment to be cleaned before they pack in.

This side hustle does not require much but only sanitation materials and can be done at your convenient time depending on your agreement with the customer.

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6. Photography:

If you can purchase a good camera and the portable printing machine, You can start making money almost immediately after camp off your fellow corp members.

During documentation at the state and local government secretariat, passport photographs are required for most of the documents and most corps members seek urgent passport photo shot and you will be there to help them and make your legit money while at it.

it doesn’t stop at that, despite the proliferation of smartphones which drastically reduced the likelihood of people needing the services of a pro photographer, people still talks hard copy photographs every now and then.

 You also can give out complimentary cards, this will help you expand your chances of being invited to cover events; which pays more.

if you have photo editing skills, you can also venture into digital photography.

7. Market your Skills:

You may have a skill, be it Singing, Web design, Playing of musical instruments, Baking, Cooking, tailoring or any other thing you know how to do very well.

Do you know that you can make good money if you organize training sessions for interested persons, your clients may be your fellow corps members or the residents of your host community.

You can also look for clients who are in need of personal home tutorial and charge the accordinly for the special secial service.

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8. Organize Extra Mural lessons for Secondary and Primary School Students:

This service is also in high demand and pays well especially during school holidays.

You can also organize this lessons during the period before WAEC, JAMB and Post UTME exams.

Capitalize on your knowledge as a graduate and teach the subjects you are good at. that way you also expand your knowledge on the subject. there is a saying that if you want to learn a subject, teach it.

9. Write and carry out Research and final year projects for students:

Due to the kind of high expectation attached to final year research projects and similar research projects, most students does not have the confidence to do it themselves, rather they pass it on to “professionals” do it for them at outrageous costs.

If you are hardworking, You don’t even need to be too familiar with the topic. All it requires is your willingness to make rigorous research and deliver on time.

The more excellent projects you write the more students are referred to you and your network continues to grow.

The amount of money you can make from this can run up to hundreds of thousands if you are able to create a large network of clients which can span across multiple higher institutions in Nigeria.

You can start with the school you graduated from and grow from there. you can even employ people to help when the business grows.

10. House Agent:

You can liaise with established agents in the community or register your own company. Tour first clients will most likely be your fellow corps members.

But you need to Move around the community frequently so as to be aware of all available vacant rooms and buildings as they emerge.Speak with the landlords and start advertising your business.

This does not require much capital order than the registration fee for your licence to operate as an agent in the area.

you can paste notices at the various CDS locations and roadsides. you can also post about your available vacant rooms on concerned social media groups.

In most States i know, agents collect not less than 10% of the rent as commission.

so lets say, if a house rent is fixed at #150k per room , you will make a cool 15k once a room is let.

The money you will be making from the commissions will definitely make you forget about your monthly stipend fro the federal government.

11. Trade:

Each community has its strengths and weaknesses , there are always products that are surplus and cheap at some places while scarce and costly at others.

look for such opportunity and harness it. for example, Agricultural products might be very surplus and cheap in the State you are posted to but are sold in high prices at your state of origin.

You can use your money to purchase these products in high quantity and send to your loved ones to help you sell at higher prices. When they send you the returns you can repeat the cycle.

Here is another premise, items like Clothes and shoes are too costly in the area and you know where to get them in bulk at cheaper rate. you can exploit that and make huge gains.

however you may need to plan this business very well to ensure that you can run it simultaneously with you NYSC duties without much problems.

12. Farming:

Farming requires land. So if you can be able to get farmland from your landlord or other members of your host community, you can make good money from planting crops like vegetables and other annual crops.

You can also engage in livestock farming like chicken rearing, fish farming and many other.

The Agro Allied Industry is fast growing in the country and the government is presently very much interested in developing it.

There is a grant available to corps members interested in pursuing a venture in Agro allied sector. It is also covered in the SAED training offered in NYSC orientation camp.

13. Hair dressing and sale of wigs and attachments:

Even if you are residing at the states corpers lodge or lodges owned by religious organizations. You can make the hairs of your fellow corp members if you have the skill.

Whether you have hair dressing skills or not, you can buy the needed products like attachments, wool and wigs from wholesalers at big markets like Alaba market in Lagos and Main market onitsha and sell to your fellow corps members, colleagues at work, neighbours and any other market opportunity available in you area.


It is very wise of you to be seeking a way to make the most of your service year. Some corps members while away this period of their life whereas they could have paved the way for a better future during this time.

There are undoubtedly several other great opportunities not mentioned here.However, We hope we were able to help point you to a good direction.

If you have other ideas you would love to share, Kindly drop it in the comment section below.

Your friends might also need this, help them by sharing to your social accounts.

We at ifeknows wish you success in whatever you choose to venture into.

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