Skills you can learn faster in Nigeria to make money

Do you know that there are highly profitable skills you can Learn in just let’s say ,less than 3 months ?

Skills also known as handwork gives you the ability to be self employed.

That is clearly why majority of Nigerians are looking for the most profitable skills and handworks to learn.

Nigeria at present, unfortunately, is faced with critical economic woes and plagued by massive unemployment.

The sad situation also affects even those that are employed because instead of receiving increase in wages and salaries, they are being slapped with pay cuts while the cost of living in the country continues to rise.

Whether you are a female or male, educated or uneducated, we’ve listed a handful of lucrative skills you can acquire within let’s say 2 months or 3 months.

The skills we listed here can be learned without paying any money to anyone.

Your ability to learn fast plays a huge role here if you will learn these gainful skills in few months as we projected.

In some cases, hand work serves as a side hustle to support whatever you earn from your current profession.

The skills listed below are quite practical and will definitely earn you a decent living if you take them seriously.

Go through all as they are well explained. We hope you will find the one that bests appeals to you depending on your current situation, location, passion, and capabilities.

Skills you can learn in less than 3 months for free in Nigeria

1. Photography

Photography is still relevant despite smartphone proliferation which handed the ability to be own photographer to almost everyone.

Event organizers always hire professional photographers to cover events and their services do not come cheap.

All these eye catching pre wedding, pregnancy and birthday photoshoots you usually see on social media were done by professional photographers.

Most professional Photographers charges not less than 200k for wedding photoshoot complete package.

I have read stories of people that started their photography careers with their smartphones. However,it is important to note that you will definitely have to invest on some professional gear of which a good digital camera is a priority for people to take you seriously.

You also need some adobe photoshop skills if you want to stand out and go far in this field. The software has some versions online available for free download. There are hundreds of thousands of free tutorials available to guide you step by step through the app. But you need a Laptop or PC.

There are many mobile phone apps that can be used to manipulate images as well, some to a reasonable degree of excellence.

Smartphone experience however, cannot compare to the ease, comfort, efficiency and the sense of professionalism that comes with making use of a computer for your work.

Your role as a photographer is straight forward;

  • to take excellent photos.
  • edit them if necessary or as agreed with your client.
  • then take it to the colour laboratory where the hard copy is printed, if required by the client.

You can learn photography skills in about 2 months and continue growing and perfecting your skills going forward.

2. Make up artist skills (can be learned in 1 month)

This is a very profitable skill that you can learn also for free and within a short period.

The services of make up artists are usually on high demand especially as festive period comes around the corner.

Weddings, birthdays and all manners of events are usually held during those periods. Consequently, people, especially women always want to look exceptionally gracious while gracing these occasions.

Most ladies pay unbelievable amounts of money to professionals for make up sessions.

I know someone that paid 20k to a make up artist to apply make up on her face for her birthday photoshoot. The make up artist was even telling her that the charge was low because they are friends, I was awestruck.

You can easily learn this highly paying handwork on youtube as many videos are available for free.

All it will cost you is to buy the makeup materials, the tools and data subscription for streaming the videos.

If you find downloadable videos,it will save you the cost of data since they will always be available offline afterwards for repeat watching.

We found one make up tutorial video interesting and you may begin your learning from there. Follow the link below to watch on YouTube.

>>watch full face make up video on YouTube.

Always practice as you watch because “practice makes perfect”as they say.

Practice on your self, your siblings,your friends or anyone that is willing to assist you with your learning.

Your work may look pretty awkward at first but things will begin to look better as you get a hang of it. Don’t just give up, keep practicing until you learn.

3. Web design skill

Building websites popularly refered to as web design is now a thing as many Nigerian businesses are jostling to launch an online presence.

Covid-19 pandemic has made it even more imperative that business which are yet to have an online outlet to seriously consider it. Even the worldwide lockdown didn’t stop online retailers like Amazon from operations ,on the contrary, it skyrocketed their revenue because it forced most people to shop online.

We also talked about this here> List of 80 best and lucrative skills you can learn in Nigeria

Now, learning this skill is very easy if you are the type of person that puts effort and passion in this sort of activity.

Things you need when learning web design

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Data subscription

those three are all you need. Every other thing can be sourced online.

Search for materials on google, read and practice as you go. You may need to write down some important steps while you practice.

do not read it like literature, practice every thing immediately you read them.

Personally I started my web design journey on my android smartphone, it happened immediately after someone motivated me to make a move towards my dreams at once, I picked up my phone and searched google play store for an app that can teach me coding, the I found Solo learn(click here to download on google playstore for Android users), I strongly recommend this app for beginners.

It allows you to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript which are the basic bedrock of most websites at your own pace. There are many other good applications available on play store and other app stores that you may download for free.

W3schools is another website that has all the educational resources to take you on your web design learning journey step by step.

Check them out through the link below:

>>> W3schools

Now to break it down for you; HTML is like a building, while CSS is like the paint, JavaScript is like the electricity that power some special features of the house. When you create a website using HTML,you then style it with CSS scripts, you may add JavaScripts if the website needs interactive features which happens to be the case most of the time.

There are also many CMS websites like wordpress, Joomla,blogger,wix and others which generates websites for you without you having to learn any codes. But if you intend to make a profession out of this, you need to learn to do it yourself.

Building exactly what your client demands requires web design skills.

4. Painter (house painting skills) can be learn in 2 weeks

People always seeks out the services of painters for their new properties or when moving into a new apartment. Also, Sometimes people want to give their rooms a new face.

This skill pays well and doesn’t require any sophisticated process. The basic practice is to scoop the paint with a roller brush and run it against the wall.

Just like everything else, there are abundance of tutorials online to assist you with the learning.

Both males and females can learn and make so much money from this skill.

You neighbors and friends are easily your first customers. After learning painting skill, advertise yourself and convince them on how little they will be spending to improve the aesthetics of their home.

5. Graphics design can be mastered in few months

Graphics designer is currently one of the hottest and profitable skill now because businesses are going online.

You can learn this skill for free with the help of free tutorials online no matter the software you choose to use.

Adobe photoshop which at present is the most popular image manipulation software has millions of free tutorial materials available online.

I found some good tutorials on which you may download for free in PDF format. Follow the link below to download

>>Click here to download graphic design tutorials

Social media like facebook, instagram, twitter are flooded with various businesses running ad campaigns.

They hire graphic designers to create eye catching images that depicts the best presentation of their goods and offers in other to attract customers.

Interestingly, I have seen ads on facebook and instagram asking me to pay 3k, 5k and so on for a business Logo.

The industry is very large, you can design all manners of graphics for variety of clients and make huge sums of money ;Album arts, banners and so on.

The beauty of this is that you can work from home or any location that suits you. You don’t even need to meet face to face with your clients.

All you need is to be highly skillful and creative.

6. Manicure skills

Ladies spends lots of money periodically to get their nails done.

It is not a highly difficult task but they pay people to do it for them. Whether you are a male or a female, it does not matter long as you can do the nails perfectly.

Seeing someone do it once or twice is enough for you to learn if you normally learns things fast.

There are also tutorial videos online for you to watch and learn manicuring for free.

Conclusion on highly paying skills to learn in Nigeria.

Every thing we detailed above are mostly based on our personal experiences and first hand information. Hence,we must admit that there are other factors that determines what to learn and how quick.

The speed and how easy it is to learn and monetize these skills and hand works depends on individual. The success rate varies by individual as well.

However, hardwork and dedication is the recipe for a guaranteed success.

Start today, like right now to research and work on the skill you chose, looks forward to your success story.

You may check out other skills to learn here on List of 80 best and lucrative skills you can learn in Nigeria.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section after the post.

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