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15 Simple ways to make money online in Nigeria.2019

You might have come across several posts concerning how  to make money on the internet as a Nigerian.

Unfortunately majority of these posts makes unverified and bogus claims that usually ends up being false and a total waste of time.

However, You are not alone, i understand your pain because i suffered similar frustration too way back.

That was before i took it upon myself to make a thorough and careful research on this topic to find out what really works.

So I am not going to waste much of your time but go straight to the point. 

Every second, billions of dollars are transacted on the internet.

As you are aware, the number of internet users are steadily on the increase everyday and so are the various real opportunities to make money online.

Some people are spending while others are earning. A good number of people do both. 

You probably belong to the spending club all these years and we are glad that you want to join the earners today. 

So, CHEERS   to you, as we welcome you to the club.

now to the big question; 

How can i make money online?

Below is Everything you need to know and A complete guide on a List of many easy and fast ways to make money online.

Experiment with as many as you can, this will facilitate an increase in the money you make in a day or month.

[Page Content] List of ways to make money online

Click on any of the item on the list to jump to the complete guidelines and other details, or scroll down to view all.

  1.  Join ‘Get Paid To’ websites
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Freelance writing
  4. Write and publish books online
  5. Online Surveys
  6. YouTube
  7. Buy and Sell domains
  8. Teach online
  9. Review music and other products online
  10. Sell Products Online 
  11. Become an Online consultant
  12. Test Apps and Websites for companies
  13. Start a Website or blog
  14. Become an online property agent
  15. Fiverr

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Complete guide on 15 ways to make money online

#1. Join ‘Get Paid To’ websites

This is one of the easiest and most fun way of making money online.

Many sites are emerging in Nigeria, and the tasks they normally  request you to complete to get paid  are usually very easy and basic.

These Get paid to do sites pays you for almost all the normal things you usually do everyday online like, login, read news, post a news, share on social media etc.

Each task has its own money reward on the website.

Some of the sites also operates on referral programs that you get a cash reward when you invite another user.

NNU.NG for example promises a monthly income of about 30k if you are very active .

follow this link to find out more on their website: “NNU.NG“.

 Similar to making money from online surveys, GPT sites reward you in cash and vouchers for completing various offers or activities online.

Some sites even reward people for searching for things on search engines.

Many other similar websites exists, just use google search to discover more, but be very careful not to fall victim to scam sites.

Note: Some of these sites require one time payment of a registration fee. Usually a token when compare to the potential income

Other popular Get Paid To sites , click on their names to visit the website and start earning cash >>

“Get paid to do ” websites in Nigeria and abroad. 

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#2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is just like being a salesman or sales representative for  companies.

You advertise their products, services and offers by any means available to you online.

Each time a customer opens the link you provided and buys a product through it, you are paid a reasonable percentage of the price of the product sold.

Naturally, the more products and services you sell the more money you make.

Many online stores in Nigeria have affiliate programs that you can register on if you can be able to do the promotion.

It is easier and more lucrative if you own a website or blog. that way you just post the links on your blog pages and posts for your visitors.

However you may also create a page on social sites like Facebook, then search the merchant sites for the things your Facebook friends might like and post the links on the page.

Recommended Affiliate marketing websites:

The above websites are currently operating in Nigeria and many Nigerians are subscribed to the program.

it does not cost you a dime to start, so why not dive right in?

Read More on ” How to make money online with affiliate marketing”.

#3. Freelance writing 

Many websites are continuously recruiting freelance writers to write articles for them.

If you have the interest and ability, you can use some part of you spare time to earn some extra cash by writing for these websites.

you can make money online with this, all year round.I have personally come across several Nigerian websites that pays cash for each article you write for them.

So why not earn some money by doing the same thing we normally do most time of the day, typing on our smartphones.

Some websites that pays you for freelannce Writing

  • Infoguidenigeria for example promises to pay #500 Naira for each article you write for them.

If you are able to write one article for three different websites in a day at that price, the income is almost equivalent to the price of a basic monthly data subscription which is exciting.

  • is a robust freelancing website that you may check out too.You can do more to discover more websites seeking freelance services you can offer.

The opportunities out there is very huge.

Read more on “Best Freelance websites to make money online”

 #4. Write and publish books online

If you are good at writing or you have a written work ready for the public then here is a gold mine for you.

You can tap into the vast audiences available online to earn a handsome income from your intellectual property.

The beauty of this is that it costs nothing other than your time and dedication.

There are several online publisher websites that provides you with the opportunity to upload your book for free and monetize it.

You get a reasonable percentage of income each time a web users reads, purchases or downloads the book.

Where to sell your books and written materials

With Amazon Kindle store you earn 70% of the sale. 

And the Kindle app is now available on almost any device (laptops, iPads, smartphones) this shows that the market for your material is very large and can reach all the parts of the world.

In Nigeria we have Okadabooks, you can publish any form of written material(books,novels,jokes,etc) on this website and monetize it with a few clicks.

For you to succeed in this field, you need to create quality, informative and entertaining content, depending on the topic you are writing on.

You should create original materials and not plagiarize or copy other people’s work so as not to attract legal issues.

#5. Online Surveys

You can try this at your free time with absolutely no investment or risk and get paid.

All it requires is your time and data. You normally use good amount of  data and time to surf the web, so why not make a few cash while at it ?

The income may not be much but it is fun and fulfilling to get something out of almost nothing.

It basically involves answering simple questions for research companies. they pay you for each task completed.

Some of these surveys takes few minutes or more.

Best Websites that pays you for online surveys. 

Mobrog Surveys

earn up to $10, the minimum withdrawal amount, you then will be able to withdraw your earnings through paypal,Skrill or other payment methods available.

Visit website>> Mobrog

ThePanelStation Surveys

take surveys on Local and international consumer products and be rewarded with points, Amazon gift cards, retail e-vouchers, and sweepstakes entries.Once you get 3000 Reward Points, you’ll be allowed to make withdrawals using your choice of  payment option.

Visit Website>>> ThepanelStation

Opinion World Surveys 

1000 points in Opinion World has an equivalence of $10 which is the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Other rewards opportunities include Amazon gift cards, retail e-vouchers, and sweepstakes entries.

Visit Website>>> Opinionworld

other good  survey sites you can register on :

YouGovPanel Opinion , Valued Opinions,  MySurvey , i-SayOpinion OutpostOnePoll , Global Test Market , The Opinion Panel ,Toluna  , Pinecone ,SurveyBods , Hiving , PanelBase , Branded Surveys ,  , Prolific Academic  ,iPoll  , Harris Poll , Mind Mover , New Vista ,PopulusLive .

#6. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video streaming website and is  owned by google inc.

Sincerely, you can make a lot of money on YouTube if you are creative and smart.

You can make videos on any topic of your choice and upload to the site.

 People are making millions of dollars on YouTube platform through the  recently introduced YouTube partnership program.

How you earn on youtube

YouTube pays you a percentage of the revenue earned from the advertisement they fix within your videos per 1000 views. 

Some successful Youtubers have made it a full time career.

Depending on how viral your video goes and how much subscribers you are able to have , you can make a really lot of money on this platform.

Visit Youtube and create a free account to begin :

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#7. Buy and Sell domains

This opportunity is available for everyone, whether you are familiar with web development or not .

Domain name simply means a name of a website “” is an example of a domain name.

You can buy available domain names at a very low price and resell them at a higher price.

Some premium  domain names usually reach over 500% increase in value on sale compared to their initial registration prices.

You can start investing on Domain names through these sites:Godaddy, Namecheap, whogohost, hostgator. and may others.

use these free tools to easily find available domain names:

You can also sell Websites on

#8. Teach online

you can make a lot of money online in Nigeria  and even as a Nigerian youth by marketing your knowledge and expertise in a field or a topic.

Webinars, in other words web seminars are now a thing, a lot of public figures and experts are making a fortune out of it nowadays.

Take advantage of the several online platforms available and create a course on a topic or subject you know very well.

You will be surprised that there are dozens of people out there looking for the information you have and are ready to pay to get it.

Websites where you can get paid for teaching online in Nigeria –  with this Nigerian platform you can make money from all manners of learning materials, just create, upload and monetize. – create a course and earn for life ,each time somebody subscribes to take the course With Teachable, you can upload your course materials and use the platform to manage customers and accept payments.

#9. Review music for money and other products online

 There is a good chance that you love music and listens to many of them in a day.

So, how about i tell you that you can score some cash by doing the same thing you normally do all the time.

On the slicethepie website for example all you need to do is provide a deep, real and honest review of the songs sampled.

Depending on the reputation you build overtime, you can earn good money on the site Since playing music is a fun thing.

Why not make a few dollars while grooving to the tunes available for review on the site.

You can start now if you want to make money online by reviewing music.

Websites that pays for Music and product review: 

  • Slicethepie– fashion and music review, income is 2 to 20 cents per view. minimum payout is $10
  • Musicray– pays 10 cents for listening to about 30sec track. payment method is paypal. minimum payout here is $20.
  • Hitpredictor– they award you points which when you accumulate enough, you can exchange them for Amazon gift cards and prizes.
  • Cash4Minutes– Listen to radio stations for about $0.08 per min. Payouts are via paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Amazon Gift cards.

#10. Sell Products Online

If you have a product, you can take advantage of the vast online community to market you products faster.

You can make money online by selling goods and services on popular e-commerce websites like,  and many others.  you can sell products on your own website if you have one .

You can even exploit social media sites to create audience for you products and services.

Online marketing is more effective and  bound to be a success if you have an efficient delivery plan to make the products or service get to your customers.

Websites where you can sell your products in Nigeria

#11. Become an Online consultant

Consulting is surely a good and lucrative way to make money online.

There are undoubtedly a good number of persons that are looking for where to get information you have on your area of expertise and most are readily willing to part with some cash to get it.

You can provide guidance and counselling on any field you are well experienced in at a good price.   

If you want to pursue consulting online, there are websites that provides the platform, however you can equally do it on your own website if you have one.

for example, there are online Psychology consultants making good money with their skills online

you can also set up a free account through .

As soon as your account on Clarity is set up, your ready. You earn each time People book consulting sessions with you.

There are other websites you may try. We will continue to update this page as soon as we find and test more options.

Websites for online consulting

Also have in mind that your social media accounts can serve very well for this service if you present yourself well and mean business.

LinkedIN is a good app for connecting with professionals in your field and to connect to potential clients and employees. 

#12. Test Apps and Websites for companies

App and website testing is an easy way to make money online

Companies that design applications and websites usually seek test users feedback after development before launching the final product to the general public.

This is to enhance and ensure optimum efficiency in utility and user experience.

They like to see the opinion of a few of the normal everyday user of their product before its release.

That is why they hire and pay testers. The rewards offered, mostly cash rewards vary from company to company.

The best strategy here is to sign up for as many as you can so as to increase your chances and income.

Most of the websites listed below pays you about $10 for each test.

websites that pays you for testing apps and websites are:

You can discover other sites that pays you to test apps and websites for them with the use of search engines as many more websites are emerging everyday.

#13. Start a Website or blog

This is most sure way to make money online without stress.

Although you will have to invest a substantial time and energy in the beginning but once you get an audience, you begin to make money even as you sleep.

All it require is that you create quality and informative contents related to the niche of your choice.

This will not only bring you a lot of new audiences daily but will keep them coming back to your site for more.

You don’t need to be an expert web designer to launch a website or blog.

Content management Systems like and have simplified blogging to be very easy and beginner friendly.

You may start with a free hosting and domain name and later upgrade to paid when you get a hang of it.

Making Money through blogging requires patience and creativity.

If you want to own your own blog in less that 15 minutes, visit or any other registerar of your choice and register a domain name.

Then pay for hosting if you can or go to a free hosting site.

A new website provides free and paid web hosting services  too.

Do not be scared to venture into this, Majority of these hosting companies have a complete knowledge base help and customer support that will guide you through the entire process until your site is fully up and running.

So there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Read more on  “how to start a blog in few minutes”.

#14. Become an online property agent

This is another lucrative way to make money online.

How the system works is that you find properties around you or elsewhere that is up for sale or rent, then you upload the information on one of the many property websites.

Your property advert is then displayed to their vast audience of prospective buyers.

When the property is sold or rented through the site, they take small percentage of the commission while you keep the rest.

Register as an agent on these sites listed here to start :

Websites that allows you to make money  as a property agent in Nigeria (Real Estate websites)

#15. Fiverr 

Fiverr is currently the most popular freelancing website where you can make money by handling minor contracts for individuals or companies.

The services traded are usually small tasks (gigs).

Some Services you can sell on fiverr to make money 

  • writing
  • translating
  • graphics design
  • photography
  • voice-over
  • backup singing
  • short video clips
  • social media posting
  • beat making
  • logo designing
  • and several others.

you get paid for you work

They basically provide a robust platform that links between people willing to pay for a service and those that can provide those services.

The lowest price for a gig on fiverr is $5, clearly how it got its name.

Visit the site and check it out for yourself, account creation is free.

Click on the area labeled 1 on the image above to join, then after registration, click on become a seller labeled 2 on the above image.

You might find that you can actually make good money from those skill you have and from some things you used to consider a hobby and pass time.

Visit >>> to begin. 


The money making opportunities highlighted above are just a few examples among several dozens of other way to make money online.

Which ever one you choose to venture into, Have it in mind that every online hustle requires dedication, passion, creativity and time .

These opportunities costs little or nothing to start and run, therefore you may try out as many as you can at the same time without risks.

Doing different things will increase your source of revenue. 

We will be glad to see your thoughts and questions.

We will be in the comment section.

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